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Insurance Agent and Financial Advisor. I do a little police work as well since 1973. Ted Poe is on the Left. I am the better looking and younger on one the right. LOL

We were discussing a number of issues including the health care system and Law enforcement issues.



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Reply The Blue Knight
11:13 PM on January 9, 2012 
As we consider incoming information please keep the following post in your mind as reference material.



I am happy to see that Parliament has announced that they have implemented the removal of the three zeros program. I have been posting this for months and have been taking a hashing and bashing for it. I hope everyone can now understand a little more clearly that the CBI and the Finance committee members are in control here and no one else. No NOT even the IMF as they have no control at all. They can only offer suggestions, guidance and possibly some pressure . When you here that the IMF is approving or disapproving something here it is not a binding scenario but in most cases a negotiation factor or strong recommendation. Remember Iraq can snub their nose if they wish and do as they please in this matter. The online articles of agreement listed on the IMF are only outlines and some get very confused by reading them and most don?t even do that. Article 4 is the rules for currency matters as far as the IMF is concerned. I have a copy of the legal brief for those that want it. The only authority the IMF has is as a third party facility that is used by donor nations to administrate programs put in place to loan or set up special trade agreements. The IMF handles trade agreements and transactions and more or less helps convert or apply the value of a currency to a trade agreement if the IMF is being used as the third party negotiator or administrator. The IMF has no inherent enforcement authority as a function of its own in other words. The IMF will receive the value of the currency as it is established by the country of origin not the other way around. I know that you continually hear statements that the IMF is in control and that is just plain misleading no doubt about it, I think that those statements are a factor of information being transformed as it is passed from one to another. This is a common thing when most are not completely educated in such matters.

Now we still are not completely informed on the zeros program and this is no doubt on purpose partly to keep as much undercover as possible and the fact that the remaining parts of the program may have not been fully decided and agreed on. I think we should monitor this program and the articles and statements as closely as possible because this is where the next move will come from while we compare this to other information that we here as intel ! All I am asking is that you keep all this in the back of your mind as you receive more information from other sources. Also remember that Shabibi and the head of the finance committee are at odds on just how, how fast , and when to proceed in matters of the currency changes and RV. Things are moving and we really don?t know what is going to happen next or when !

As far as cashing in at your local bank. All I can tell you is this. I am and have been in the financial area of business for 26 years and I am securities licensed. I do business with the major banks . B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo an others as well. The three mentioned I have personally spoken with the foreign exchange managers several times and I have even posted their names and phone numbers with their permissions as some of you may remember and got bashed for it. Remember this, a bank does not have to trade any currency that it does not want to trade for any or no reason at all period. The banks are in business to make money on every transaction period. I was informed on numerous occasions by all the above and several others that they will not trade the IQD until their bank considers it a stable currency. Now you can call and argue with them if you like about if and when they may trade . Please don?t consider this my idea I am just passing on what I was told to pass on by the managers that I spoke with. The higher the IQD comes in at, the more likely these banks may wait to trade the IQD. I know that if it was my bank I would be nervous about trading it for some time. Think about what some of the GURUS have been saying when it does RV and at a high rate go all in. That is because it is very possible that the value could fall and fall sharply. Food for thought. This NOT negative thinking. It is just information that any one involved should consider and make your own comparison and then possibly an more informed decision!

The Blue Knight
Reply The Blue Knight
2:13 AM on May 18, 2011 
Last Fridaty , May 13th I visited the Wells Fargo Bank location at 1442 Spring Cypress Rd in Spring Texasjust noth of the Houston City limits to do some business. I met with a personal banker named Bryan Zuniga. He helped me access my safety deposite box. Usually the bank employee will leave you to your business but he seemed very curious and watched me conclude my business with my box. He wasn't able to determin what I had placed in the box because it was in white envelopes. I didn't say anything but I was not happy about it. We then sat at his desk and I asked to speak with the bank investment advisor who happened not to be in. He asked why and I said I wanted to question him about several things including the Dinar. He laughed and as he called up the Dinar Banker web site called the Dinar a mass scam. He said that he didn't buy that stuff and buys Euros which has made him money. Knowing a little about the Euro I was not empressed. He was wareing a sport shirt faded jeans old boots and had poorly groomed hair and spoke to me in between smacking his gum and licking his lips. A very poor banking experence. I looked around the bank and did not see one employee wearing a tie or dressed well at all. It looked as if I was in a third world country. I wear a white shirt and tie in my office every day. Another private banker was listening to our conversation and came over to tell me that they were receiving a large number of unfriendly calls and inperson questions about weather Wells Fargo was buying or selling the Dinar. When they replied no and they knew very little or nothing about it , the callers were rude and called them liers. I am drafting a letter to Wells Fargo Bank President John Stumps in San Fransisco about my experience and my thoughts about the poor representation of the Wells Fargo Bank that I had visited and experensed . I was in the Bank of American Greens Point location in Houston and was astonished at what I saw. Most of the employees there looked like they needed a bath and I was suprised that they even answered me in English. What happened to the professional business banking that we used to have. These people that I have seen in the local banks have no personal esteam and it appeares that the banks just don't care. What is happening ? No, what has happened and what is yet to come?

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