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Moved to Austin in 1985 from Lake Jackson, Texas. I am in Real Estate with Keller Williams North West office. Married to a wonderful lady named Terri. We love to dance, travel and be with friends. I have photography as a new hobby. I like to fish when I have time.

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Reply gsjr
1:36 AM on December 5, 2015 
Gsjr, you can share this with the CC group if you like. There is a lot of discussion in dinar world about the 2%. Some gurus claim Iraq must maintain 2% spread for 90 days. None of this applies in this case because Iraq having a program rate (made up rate), and being an article fourteen currency is not under the same rules as an article VIII currency. They must demonstrate to the IMF that they can control the currency as Old said but they are not required while under fourteen to do this longterm. By changing the rate they are now qualified to go to article eight as the rules do not require them to get there and hold for a quarter but rather be there to qualify. Article fourteen does not require them to be at 2% at all as demonstrated over the last two years. Iraq is now prepared to monetarily make a change at least in the shorterm. Old is correct. The money vendors will make adjustments quickly and the street rate will follow the CBI rate if they let this drift. Whether or not they pull the trigger quickly or are just putting their toe in the water to test depends on many things and their thoughts on timing. Millionday said it best recently when she showed the article from the CBI describing the when part of the equation. Sometime in 2016 not specifying early or late 2016. The IMF indicated that early in 2016 Iraq would open their economy. I think the two, monetary reform and open economy will happen within days of each other. They are intertwined like taxes and tariffs and monetary change. "You can't have one without the other", as demonstrated by the protests the last time they tried to implement them and their subsequent cancellation and postponment of them.

Iraq for some reason now wants to attend the next OPEC meeting to discuss applying quotas for all members including Iraq, dropping OPEC production 1.5 million bpd. Very interesting coming from a cash starved country fighting a major war against terrorism with millions of refugees and a major liquidity problem. The forex's are suddenly bouncing around after years of stagnation. Something is happening like it has never done before. The Yaun is now part of the basket of global currencies. ISIS is being decimated in Iraq and Mosel is in the process of being reclaimed. Our government is just now getting serious about cleansing Iraq of ISIS and is finally getting ready to back the Peshmerga with heavy arms and munitions along with committing US troops openly and in the public eye, even though they will sell it as soft sell to us citizens - only advisors and such. The parliament is dead set on getting the budget done this year and will forsake working on any new laws to finish it. 2016 is certainly starting to look like a strong bet. I believe earlier rather than late. It's still Iraq and it's as fluid as its ever been so anything can change with the next unforeseen situation, but it's getting exciting again. We are seeing so much happening all at once. Abadi said awhile back that he will see this through even if it costs him his life. Very scary thought if that were to happen. He is the only chance of pulling this off and at least shorterm stability and we know that great men are made in great moments. He is doing it. He is slowly pulling this country back from the mire he inherited from Malibaba and his theives. Keywords is finally showing he is on the team because without his consent, the IMF would be on the outside, not inside guiding the CBI. The 50,000 was a bomb. Iraqi's said no, he listened. Hang in everyone. This investment sure looks like it might finally be ready to come to fruition very soon. IMO the positives way out weigh the little bad press over the last few months. A time to get excited. Hope everyone is doing well. Tlar
Reply gijane
8:01 PM on March 18, 2012 
welcome! this has been a crazy ride, and what we are waiting for now is for Maliki to implement the Erbil Agreement which is a powersharing contract signed last year. we believe that once he does that, Shabibi will initiate the RV, which he won;t do as long as Maliki has the biggest share of the power. we believe they have to have all this done before the AS, and look to this next week for lots of things to happen.

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